Brisket Recap -- Now with Photos!

I made brisket the other day.  When I went to retrieve the oldie-but-goodie recipe from deep within my blog, I was shocked to discover that  the photos vanished off yet another ancient 2 year-old post.

I hate when that happens.  Especially since I never got around around to backing up the older photos on the laptop that crashed.  TIP ALERT!   Whatever seems too unimportant to backup will become red-alert critical after a crash.  Back. Up. EVERYTHING!

Here are some new photos of the brisket I made the other day.  This time the photos are backed up.  Really, for sure.

Please visit the original post for the recipe and back-story. 

I made the string beans my usual way ... toss in small baking dish, add margarine and a pinch of kosher salt, then nuked for 4 minutes on high.  The bits of onion come from the brisket sauce, which was almost as heavenly as the sauce over the rice.

Thanks again to my former neighbor Ellen for sharing her family recipe with me!