Childhood Favorite - Egg Cream

Growing up, one of my favorite things to get at the local candy store was an egg cream. No egg, no cream. Just 3 ingredients: milk, seltzer and chocolate syrup. But somehow I could never get the proportions just right. Hmmm ... needs more milk ... needs more syrup ... needs more seltzer ... repeat until you make a gallon.

So I married a professional egg cream maker. No, actually I married him because of his accounting skills. You see, my only C while going for my MBA was in accounting and he was in school to be a CPA. ;) But I digress ...

Fast forward 25 years to find me in the class "Social Software in the Library," one of a bunch of courses to get my library degree (no, I refuse to veer off to explain that one, maybe in a later post). We had an assignment to make a video on any how-to we wanted, then post it on YouTube. Luckily, quality of the video didn't count, just as long as it had audio that almost synchs to the vidoe. Hubby, who as a result of working at Howard Johnson's during his summer college years had learned the correct way of making egg creams, graciously allowed be to record him making the definitive egg cream.

I never bothered to remove the video from YouTube, which allows me to post it here:


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