Passover FAQs

My daughter is flying out from California to join us for the first Seder.  Her boyfriend is unable to attend, so since Older Son is bringing his girlfriend, she asked if she could bring her girlfriend as well.  Seders aren't fun unless you have more people than plates and the young kids have to eat in the kitchen, so I said of course. 

Later I received an urgent email from said daughter asking me to post info about Passover and the Seders because her friend isn't Jewish; she's just there for the brisket (yes, I will omit the soy sauce rather than buy the  pesadik imitation-style yucky stuff). 

Rather than bore you with oft-repeated info and other trivia, I'll just post links.  Oy! So many links you could plotz!

Peruse at your leisure.

Passover FAQs
Why No Bread for Passover?
All About Passover
Seder Q and A
 The Passover Seder
Judaism 101:  Seder
Wikipedia: Seder Plate
 Chabad -- Hadaggah


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