Use Up Your Chometz, Pt. VII (Double Chocolate Brownie Pie)

Today is my younger son's 17th birthday! Typical of a teenager, every time we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he would just shrug his shoulders.  So hubby, who has the "luxury" of working from home, had the unenviable task of shopping for his birthday present today (I really thought the kid would at the last minute suddenly come up with something, but noooo....).   Then hubby had the unenviable task of having to return it because he inadvertently chose an online-only game, rather than one that can be played without the intertubes.  So after Hebrew High School, the two of them went off to Game-in-the-Box to find something suitably violent while I quickly made a batch of brownies.

Double Chocolate Brownie Pie is really a cheat.  I used the Hershey's Triple Chocolate Brownie Pie recipe from a  tattered and well-used1991 ad clipping, making just a few extremely minor changes:  omitting the nuts (younger son dislikes them), ice cream (gilding the lily) and chocolate topping (see lily, gilding).  Since the topping was one-third of the name, I renamed it for the sake of this post.

This recipe throws together quickly, and although it is not mentioned, it can be made without an electric mixer. Just use a wooden spoon to stir everything together.

Don't skip the part about greasing the pie plate.  You don't have to use a lot, but if you forget this step, the brownie will permanently fuse to the plate.  To have one less item to wash, you can line the plate with greased aluminum foil.

 I poked around the Hershey site a bit, but it seems that the recipe, at least the version I use, is not listed.  You can find it, though, on many other sites who conveniently do not credit Hershey.  Since it is still essentially a Hershey recipe, I poked around some more and found a reprint from what looks like the circular from a 1991 newspaper (you might have to log in or register to read it, but it only takes a sec to register and it's worth it if it's Sunday night and your darling student announces that he needs to look up something in an old newspaper for homework ... but I digress):  Herald-Journal, Nov. 10, 1991.


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