Sunday, April 18, 2010

No-Egg, Parve Chocolate Cake, Revisited

A funny thing happened on the way to making my parve chocolate cake.  Let me tell you about it.

Up until now,  this cake was fool-proof .  Mix and bake in the same pan.  No mixer needed.


Until today. 

I made the cake with a minor variation  I had done several times in the past ... I lined the pan with aluminum foil so that I could pop out the cake and travel with it.  In this case, it was heading to my mother-in-law for her birthday.

Poke a small hole and a large one, then carefully pour vanilla in the small hole and oil in the large one.

... being quite careful in aiming for the indentations.  As usual. 

Whisk, add the vinegar, then whisk some more to blend it all.  Then pop it into the preheated oven.  Simple.

Hmmm ... cracked a little, but that's no biggie.  Except when I pulled on the foil, the foil ripped and the cake broke into massive chunks.  Apparently, when I whisked the batter, I must have cut the foil a bit (and when I say "a bit" I mean "a lot").  Batter oozed under the foil, where it burnt and melded with said foil.  Despite soaking the corning dish for several hours, I still had to chisel out the remaining foil shreds.
I have since added a note onto the recipe that says, even if foil is used, lightly grease the pan as well as the foil to prevent future mishaps.

Much as I wanted to reproduce the meltdown exhibited by Julie (in Julie & Julia), I couldn't see my self lying down on the floor.  Have you seen my kitchen floor?  Blech!!!!

So instead I pretended to act a little more maturely, and remade the cake, using another cake pan (the other one was still in the act of soaking).

MUCH better!

A little dusting with powdered sugar, and then we were off to grandma's house!

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