Spiced Chai Latte Cupcakes

I'm hosting a Hadassah meeting this Sunday. Women come from surrounding towns, gathering together to stuff themselves on food learn new and exciting things.  I will be demonstrating how to do online banking without fear.  Then serving cake afterwords.  It will probably be a small meeting, maybe 6-10 people, so only two different kinds of cake will be offered.

Technically, the cakes will be cupcakes.  Cupcakes are fun.  Cupcakes are cute.  Even a bad recipe tastes good when shaped into a cupcake.  People who are on diets never refuse cupcakes because (in their minds) a cupcake is so small that it doesn't count.  Then they eat 4 cupcakes.  Rationalization can be fun, too!

As long as I had the day off today, I made the first batch.  The blog Love and Olive Oil had an intriguing recipe, Spiced Chai Latte Cupcakes, which was adapted from the book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (2006).  The recipe doesn't include eggs or butter.  But because I will be serving these in the afternoon, I opted to make them dairy by using real milk rather than soy.  Otherwise, I kept to the recipe, so rather than reprint it word-for-word, go visit Love and Olive Oil to view it (but come right back now, I'll be waiting).

The cupcakes don't look like much now, but they are pretty tasty even plain.  As you can see, a few overflowed because I didn't believe the directions when it said only fill each liner two-third's full.  Mine were closer to three-quarter's full.  They are currently in the freezer, waiting patiently for Sunday when they will be covered by frosting.

The chocolate cupcake recipe will be posted just as soon as I decide which one to make.


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