Sometimes Recipes Aren't As Simple As They Appear

... such as the day when I saw these wedding cakes pops at bakerella.  You really need to view the original to appreciate what follows.  Go take a look at the pops and the instructions, then come right back.  I'll wait.

You're back?  Great!

OK.  Since my daughter just recently announced her engagement, I thought, "Gee, those pops look like an easy dessert to make for her engagement party."  So I attempted to make a test batch.

I baked a random yellow cake, then crumbled it up and mixed in frosting according to the instructions.

I smooshed some of the cake mixture into a tiny scalloped mold.

Then released the sucker onto a wax-paper-lined cookie sheet.  Repeat until bored of scalloped-shaped cake.

I did the same thing with a slightly larger round mold.  Then I took the aforementioned scalloped molded thingys and placed them atop the larger round thingys.

They sorta look like the ones the pro did.  I figured the frosting will hide any imperfections.  So far, so good.

Then came the time to stick the lollypop sticks up their ... centers and dip them into melted white chocolate.

So do you remember what the cake pops looked like at the other site?  Go on, take a look again.

This is how mine came out:

Bwaaahahahahaha!  Well, they tasted good, anyway ...


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