Sorry 'Bout the Lack of Postings

I had been on vacation in sunny, yet cold, California the last week, which is why there haven't been any recent posts.  I had a cache of drafts I intended to post along the way, but we forgot to pack the ac adapter with the laptop, so by the time we got around to purchasing a generic one, it was almost time to go home.  Oopsie!

One of the benefits of a vacation is that others got to play chef for the week.  So except for the bar-b-que at my daughter-and-fiance's house, where I made cole slaw and strawberry tart from (mostly) memory, I enjoyed the work of others.

Here is a photo of the the ahi tuna my middleChild ordered at a seafood restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf:

He let me have a taste of the tuna (it tasted like a combination of tuna steak and sushi) and all of the pickled ginger.    What a kid!


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