Dear Reader Request

My blog's been nominated for the Top 100  Food Mom Blogs!  Woo-hoo!

Please vote for me ... just visit Babble, find Oh! You Cook!  (I was #74, page 2 at last look), and click "like!" 

No real prize, just major bragging rights and more readers.  Plus  a book and possible movie deal.

Okay, the last two are only in my mind.   But I can dream, no?

I've been visiting theDaughter this past week in L.A., so most of the cooking has been stuff off the blog.  I did make one new item, but you, Dear Reader, will  have to wait for theFiance to offload the photos from his wildly fancy-schmancy camera. Hopefully I'll get to post it by Monday.


Amelia said…
now you're #65, still on page 2

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