Nuts about Passover

Been reading the L.A. Times this past week, as long as I'm out here.  There must be at least a few Jews in SoCal, since the Times this morning published a very nice article about Passover, along with recipes using nuts instead of matzoh.  There are two very important reasons for using nuts in place of matzoh and its derivatives:  nuts are much healthier and they add a wonderful flavor to foods.  Also,  using nuts instead of matzoh products make formerly verboten foods gluten-friendly.  Can't beat that with a stick.

Here are links to the Passover recipes mentioned in the L.A. Times article.  Fancy enough to serve at a Seder, delicious enough to serve any other day of the year!

Roasted chicken thighs with spinach, basil, pistachio and avocado oil pesto

Asparagus with hazelnuts and seasoned currants

Chocolate pecan brownie fudge cake

Bonus! Here's another recipe I found on the Times site, for Passover Coffee Cake. It does use matzoh cake meal, but I just had to include it anyway because this cake is quite unusual: the batter is baked with layers of charoset (the spiced walnut-and-apple mixture traditionally eaten during the Seder). So it is really a kinda-sorta spiced apple-walnut coffee cake.



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