Oldies but Goodies - Recap

While visiting the great state of California, I am doing all the cooking (and the picking up and the sweeping and the clothes washing and the putting away, but I digress ...) .  Aside from the honey-vanilla pudding the other day, I'm not concocting anything new.  But rather than deprive you, Dear Reader, of something to read, here is a recap of some of the dishes I have whipped up so far:

Chicken soup, of course!  TheDaughter managed to slurp up and hold down some of the broth.
Barbecued a few skirt steaks (for the rest of us).   Used leftover skirt steak to make sliders.  Nothing fancy, not even a recipe:  using fingers (preferably clean) or two forks, shred the skirt steak.  Pile the shreds on sliced-open dinner rolls (we used whole grain to be healthy), drip on some honey-barbecue sauce, then top with cole slaw.  Sever with remaining cole slaw along with potato salad on the side. Note -- you can use store-bought salads; I'll never tell.

Challah.  I'm making a second challah even as we speak.  This time I remembered to add the correct amount of salt.  Everyone was too polite to complain about the lack of taste in the first one.  Everyone's so nice in CA ... maybe it's because an earthquake could hit any time and create beachfront property in Nevada.

Made a batch of spaghetti.  Nothing fancy here either.  Used up their last jar of the pesadik sauce.  AlmostSonInLaw bought some 5 year old gouda to grate over it.  I thought that was a riot.  Whatever possessed the first person in the world to even try it?  Can you picture this:  the cheesemaker is home, rummaging through his fridge trying to find the parmesan, when he pulls out a hunk of old cheese hiding in the back behind the beer.  

"OMG!" says the wife.  "What did that used to be?"

"Gouda," says the husband, "with a sell-by date of 5 years ago."

"It's as orange as cheddar," says the wife.  "Toss it."

"Are you kidding???" says the husband.  "I'm going to relabel it aged gouda and sell it for twice what regular gouda is selling for now."

Obviously a marketing genius.

Anyway, that's what I have done so far here.  If theDaughter gets better, I'll be making tacos as well (her most-requested request when the nausea wears off).  


liz Rueven said…
My delight in chicken soup waxes and wains also, but i am sure your daughter is comforted by it at this time. The magical powers of that glistening broth may help her almost as much as the presence of her loving mama! stay strong and keep cooking.

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