Table Decorations - Easy

I'm going to be a little busy this week since theDaugher is getting married this weekend, so  this post, also the last of my shower picnic posts, will be a bit wordy.

As part of the shower festivities, the bridesmaids thought it would be a great idea to have all the attendees help make picnic decorations.  But due to talents of varying degrees ranging from Martha Stewart-esque all the way down to those who tend to get more glue on their hands than on the projects and/or hurt themselves with anything sharp, I had my glued hands full looking for something simple.

Something where the materials are easily transportable..

Something that didn't require any glue. Scissors would still be okay ... theDaughter owned a few blunt-end scissors that couldn't hurt me much.

Something that didn't require any sewing.

I went looking through a library book of origami projects.  I pride myself as a good origami-er since I have been banging out cranes AND fortune tellers (aka cootie-catchers) since my girl scout days, so basic origami vase covers seemed like a really good idea ... right up until I actually tried to make one.

Let's just say that a simple paper vase is way out of my league.  :P

There was an easy project on (speaking of) Martha's site.  Take a square of cloth, pull up corners around a plant, then tie everything in place with twine.  Rustic, yet very cute and easy!

So the 'maids emailed the attendees to each bring a clean, emply soup or veggie can "for a fun project."  Even theDaughter didn't know what was up.  Tee-hee!

While I was figuring out how to pay for a pile of fabric or colorful handkerchiefs (no scissors even!), hoping the local dollar store carried something appropriate, one of the 'maids mentioned that she kept the excess fabric from when she had her dress cut down to size, at least enough for 15 vases.  The other 'maids thought this was a brilliant idea!

I really wasn't sure there was really enough for that many vases (she wasn't that short), but at least I was saving mucho bucks.  Turned out she wasn't exaggerating.  With all the ruching (gathered fabric) on the dress, she had massive yards of 6 inch width fabric for us to use.

Since another 'maid was allergic to real flowers (which should make for an interesting walk down the aisle, but I digress), I made the executive decision to pick up artificial flowers at said local dollar store along with something to secure the fabric.  Since we were already picking up paper goods in bright green (the closest we could get to one of the wedding colors), we purchased green curling ribbon.

Table Decorations
Yield:  depends upon number and size of cans

Clean empty vegetable or soup cans
Fabric, in color of your choice
Curling ribbon in a contrasting color (or twine for a more rustic look)
Glue (optional)
Fake or real flowers
Anything on the ground to add to the flowers (optional)

Measure out length of fabric needed.  Wrap fabric around each can, allowing for some overlap, then cut fabric.

Rewrap fabric around can, bottom end of fabric even with bottom of can.  If fabric is taller than can, it will be dealt with later.

Tying one on

Wrap the ribbon or twine around and around, around half-way up can.   Tie a bow, then leave ends long to hang decoratively. (Note to future self -- don't expect dollar store curling ribbon to, ya know, actually curl).

Fold  any excess fabric over top into can.  It should hold by itself.  If you are not at a park, you can optionally glue excess fabric inside can-turned-vase.

The bride's vase

Cut or fold flower stems to fit vase.  (Another note -- artificial flower stems are made of metal rods that could hold up a skyscraper; next time have a wire cutter handy).

Place flowers in vase.   It's almost impossible to see here, but the fabric on this vase mimicked the ruching on the 'maid's dresses.

Awesome view overlooking harbor as well

If outdoors, optionally add anything on the ground that would look awesome next to flowers

As long as we had an extra can, we turned it into a cutlery holder.


manhattan said…
nice table setting .. thanks for the tips

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