Turkey wraps with cranberry mayo - Easy

 This past Sunday was End of Chemo/Bridal Shower Picnic! I got up early to start on the picnic provisions.  No sacrifice there since after 4 days I was still on east coast time; my body thought it was a lazy 9am EST instead of OMG  6am PST.

A quick check to see if the cupcakes made on Friday were still good -- yup ... the advantage of better living through chemistry, I mean thank you Duncan Hines and BridesmaidOne!

By 10, MaidOfHonor, who was given the responsibility of picking up the deli meats, called to say that "they" were out of  kosher roast beef -- should she pick up pastrami instead?

Pastrami sliders with horseradish sauce might be delicious.   And there are people out there who like  pastrami sliders with horseradish sauce.  But they were not invited to the Shower Picnic, so we said get more turkey and show up by 11.

MaidOfHonor showed up miraculously at around 11:15, which in L.A. time was shockingly early -- traffic on the  405 and the pick-any-number-between-5-and-105 were speed friendly for a change.  Since my manicured fingers were soaking in balsamic vinegar for the salad, I "let" MaidOfHonor make the wraps.  Which she did very nicely, thank you.

To wrap the turkey I had selected lavosh, a Middle Eastern flatbread that can be like a very thin soft pita or crispy like a cracker.  I picked up a package of the soft variety, thinking it contained several matzoh-sized wraps-to-be.   Silly me.  It unfolded to become one HUGE flat oval several feet across!  MaidOfHonor wielded a sharp knife to tame it into many smaller, almost square shapes of various sizes.  Figuring that adults would not fight over who got the larger wrap, she just eyeballed rather than measured.

Oh, the recipe underneath the cranberry mayo in the photo above is for the salad also schlepped to the park.  With 3 people in a small kitchen simultaneously assembling a mountain of food, there was not much room to spread out ... gives the resulting photo an artsy look.  Almost ...

Turkey Wraps with Cranberry Mayo - Easy
yield:  way too much

1 pkg. lavosh or any flatbread of your choice
1/2 cup jellied cranberry sauce (from a 15 oz. can)
1/3 cup mayonnaise
about 3/4 lb. thinly sliced turkey breast

If necessary, tame the lavosh by cutting it into more manageable-sized squares  about 6 inches a side. 

 In a small bowl, whisk together cranberry sauce and mayonnaise.  Using a table-knife or spreader, spread a tablespoon (or more to taste) of the cranberry mixture on one side of flatbread; leave about a half-inch border around the edges.

 Lay a few slices of the turkey over the cranberry mixture (or more depending upon the sizes of the wrap and your appetite).

 Starting with one end of the wrap, simply roll up the flatbread jellyroll style.  If desired, cut off the ends to make  a nice presentation.  As an alternative, you can start with larger flatbread pieces, then cut rolled-up wraps in half.

If not serving immediately, cover securely and refrigerate until ready to serve, up to 4 hours.  If transporting the wraps, secure them with toothpicks, the fancier the better.

Remember to remove toothpicks before eating.

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Anonymous said…
I love the being on NY time when I'm in CA! It's the only way I'd ever be up at 6 AM! Anyway, I use veggie turkey (roast turkey style veggie protein slices)and cranberry sauce,but haven't tried it on Lavosh bread or adding the mayo. Sounds good. Glad you had a nice "End of Chemo/Bridal Shower Picnic!" Also good that your picnic was in LA on Sunday and not in NJ in the hurricane!

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