Relevant Honeymoon Photos

Last month we finally managed to marry theDaughter off!  Those who know us know what was a long strange trip that was.  It could have filled an entire reality show.  But since we're not the Kardashians, you will have to settle for checking out her blog for details.   The fact that she dedicated a post to me is purely coincidental to my mentioning it.  Purely ... 

Anyway, since this is a foodie blog, here are my favorite food photos stolen borrowed that honeymoon post.  To get the full effect plus commentary, you'll have to visit her site.  She writes much more better than I do.  Also takes better photos than I do, even with a cell phone.

 Not so angry birds carved from carrots and coconut.

 Watermelon flower.

You still here?  Okay, I'll entertain you with few more sentences, then go already!

You are probably asking yourself, what about wedding photos?  Unfortunately there were no pockets in my gown to stash a camera, so I couldn't take any photos of The Big Event.  And as of now I don't have permission to use anyone else's.   Yet ...

 .... so here's photo of dog food instead.


Sondy said…
Or you can check out the wedding photos here!

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