Best. Apron. Ever!

 No recipe today.  Just wanted to share an awesome gift I received.

A former classmate and co-worker visited me at work today.  I last saw Jean a month or so ago when I did a work-related favor for her.  To me it was small, but to her it was a major big deal.  Fast-forward to today, when Jean walked up to the reference desk and plopped a gift bag in front of me as a belated thank-you.

Inside the gift bag was an apron.  But not just an apron.  Here I am later modeling it in the comfort of my kitchen:

Cujo Approved.

Yes, I always cook dinner in Jimmy Choo's.

"little black apron"

It's got a strand of pearls sewn right in.  Mrs. Cleaver, eat your heart out!  Thank  you so much, Jean!


Melody ♪♫ said…
mmmmmm -- Saw that apron @ Bed, Bath & Beyond...
(I have an embroidery machine, so I'm totally gonna do a knock-off!)

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