Scheduling Postings and Emails - A Primer for Non-Bloggers

A couple of Dear Readers have recently asked me why I sometimes upload posts at bizarre hours.   Another Dear Reader was wondering about why I get up at 5am just to send her a recipe email.  Being the maverick that I am, I'll explain about the emails first.

One of the nice things about, the host of this blog, is that I have the option to schedule emails at a time of my choosing.  So at the exact moment of 5am EST (give or take a couple minutes), blogger will auto-send an email, containing recipes I had posted the previous 24 hours, to whomever signed up for the privilege.   That way, Dear Readers in Israel can read my latest creation during their lunch hour, while Dear Readers on the east coast of the US of A receive it with time to spare before breakfast.

Now about post time.  Blogger also lets me select the exact day AND exact time (give or take a couple minutes) to go live with my blatherings post.  Usually I finish polishing a recipe, then hit the publish button.  But there are times when I am part of a group with a specific release date/time that coincides with my getting ready for work, traveling to work, working at work, or otherwise involved in another life function.  Then I simply schedule the exact day and time (give or take a couple minutes) for my post go live automatically.  No human intervention necessary.  For example, I just happen to have an awesome recipe queued up and ready to publish.   But because it is part of the Secret Recipe Club, I have to hold back until reveal time at high noon this coming Monday, along with 60 other bloggers.  At that exact hour I will be at my day job performing with my usual awesomeness.  Publishing a post will be, of course, the farthest (furthest?) thing from my mind.  But thanks to blogger's scheduling option, that recipe will wait patiently until blogger pushes the publish button for me.  Then, voila!  As if by wizardry, the recipe will be revealed at the proper time, and later when I get home I can enjoy finding all the typos I missed earlier. 

By the way, if you are curious as to the recipe and can't wait until Monday, here's a hint:

Cujo will never tell ...

For funsies, this post is scheduled to go live tonight at 2am.  Woo-hoo!  Living on the edge!


Taking into consideration your readers in two time zones is a nice touch. My readership is split about 50-50 between the States and Israel, so I'm often thinking about the timing of posts in those terms, too. (Usually, though, I just publish when I'm done editing -- no matter what time it is.)

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