Round Challah ... with a Twist

Don't get yourself tied up in knots.  This challah is kinda-sorta braided as it is twisted, macrame-style, into a round.

Confused?  Don't be.  Challah (pronounced HAH-lah for my latest batch of newbie Dear Readers), is a honey-egg bread, usually braided before baking for that distinctive bubble-ish loaf shape.

But during the High Holy Days, commencing tonight (Sunday) with Rosh HaShanah (the Jewish New Year), challah is formed into a rounded shape, representing the circle of life as we circle around to the start of another year, 5773 in case you are keeping count.

But there's no law that says the round can't be braided.  There's a fantastic tutorial of how to braid a round challah, courtesy of Shoshana at couldn't be parve.  I used my standard challah recipe, then, following along with the video and the still shots, I was able to successfully create this here masterpiece:

It's now Sunday morning, the brisket is in the slow-cooker, the chicken still needs roasting, and oy!  I still have to pick up the soup greens.

Hope your holiday is not as last-minute as mine.

Apples 'n honey

Here's to a good sweet year!


Your challah looks beautiful, I'm glad the tutorial was helpful.

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