New ... Recipe Index!

See anything different about this blog?

Clue:  look above a little to the left.  Yup, just under the logo.

Yes, it's true!  Just for you, Dear Reader, a real GEN-U-INE index containing links to all of my recipes!  No more entering a search term and scrolling through pages and pages of full recipes and photos to locate what always seems to be buried near the bottom of the pile anyway, possibly forgetting what you were looking for in the first place (no, wait ... that's me).  Now all you have to do is to select from just a few categories to quickly zero in on that perfect recipe.

Go on, take it for a ride.  I'll still be here when you get back.

Full Disclosure: pretty much all the recipes have been added and indexed. The list is approximately 95.63% complete.   I'll be adding and correcting the list over the next month.  So if you trip over a problem such as a misspelling, misplacement or mis-sing favorite, wait until after Passover before complaining correcting me, pretty please. 

Thanks, muchly!  You really are my favorite Dear Reader.


Pragmatician said…
It's a real necessity for a food blog (in my opinion)

can't wait to see everything "dessert"!

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