Candy, Candy, Candy

Sorry to be away so long.  Spent most of December making candy for theHubby to give to his best clients.   

I do this every year.  The clients love getting homemade candy.  Some of them ask theHubby as early as November if I am making candy again this year, as if to put their "orders" in.

theHubby gives me a count of the number of 1-pound boxes of candy and the number of 2-ish-pound trays of candy he wants to give out.

Then I start to assemble a list of the different kinds of candy to make.  Most are of the chocolate persuasion, but since there are some people who are communists don't care for chocolate, I also make other types.

So that the candy-making doesn't get boring, a few get rotated out and a few get rotated in.  I tweak  some recipes, based on notes kept from prior years.   Then with shopping list in hand, off to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.

The canvas shopping bag containing last year's leftover boxes, trays, candy cups, bags and wrappers comes out of the top cabinet and inventoried to see what needs replenishing.  Then with shopping list in hand, off to the craft store.

Somewhere during the first week in December, theHubby asks if I could make up "just a few more boxes and trays."

Assuming for this scenario and to fill in while keeping it all interesting, I add a few new candy recipes stashed away for just this moment.

In no particular order:  chocolate-dipped pretzel, salted
caramel, cherry marshmallow truffle,
candied pecans, chubby hubby,
mocha truffle, mounds bar, turtle and butterscotch.

These last two paragraphs are repeated every year.  Off to the supermarket for more ingredients, then off to the local craft store for more boxes, trays, candy cups, bags and wrappers.

This year I really planned ahead and scheduled several days off from my day job to fill and wrap all the boxes and trays.

Somewhere during the first mid-December, theHubby asks if I could make up "just a few more boxes and trays."

In no particular order:  orange peel, chocolate-dipped pretzels, salted
caramels, cherry marshmallow truffle, peanut brittle, krackle,
almond roca, chubby hubby, candied pecans, mocha truffle,
mocha-almond truffles, turtles and butterscotch.

Luckily I overbought everything.  And overmade everything.

Too much this year.  Everyone from work were very happy this year with my excess.

It's fun to make all the candy.  But I get sick of all the candy by the time the last piece goes out the door.

In no particular order:  orange peel, baci, peanut brittle, krackle, almond roca, cinnamon and sugar almonds, salted caramels
and mocha truffles

That feeling lasts until mid-January.  Just in time for Valentine's day and Purim.

 The Recipes:

candied orange peel
chocolate-dipped pretzels
salted caramels
cherry marshmallow truffles
peanut brittle
cinnamon and sugar almonds
candied pecans - same as the cinnamon and sugar almonds, but with pecans
almond roca

baci (recipe soon)
chubby hubby
pecan turtles
butterscotch hard candies
mounds wannabees
mocha truffles - dipped in chocolate like the mounds wannabees
mocha-almond truffles - same as the mocha truffles, but dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds


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