Fast & Easy Peachy Cream-y Breakfast Yogurt

Do you have the luxury of time in the morning?   Plenty of time for a nice long shower? How about a dawdling over a hearty breakfast, washing it down with that second cup of coffee?

Me neither.  Most of the time I have to choose between my cup of chai or a cup of yogurt.  No time for both. :(

So when I saw that this month's Improv Cooking Challenge theme is peaches and cream, my first two thoughts were that
1) yogurt is pretty creamy, and

2) a fresh peach is ... peachy.

You already know about the super health benefits of yogurt.  But did you know that, according to that authoritative health expert, Redbook Magazine, the peach is also a superfood?  Yup, that fuzzy fruit is chock full of antioxidants.

TIP ALERT!   Toast the coconut and almonds the night before.  Once they are done, immediately transfer to a heat-safe dish.  While you are waiting for them to cool down enough to cover, dice up the peach.  In the morning you can have breakfast made faster than that Keurig can dribble out your morning joe.

Hemp seeds are a nice but optional addition.  Truth be told, I only tossed them on because I noticed them next to the almonds in my pantry and figured they would boost the fiber and superfood theme here a tad.

**UPDATE** Apparently, I reinvented the wheel!  My "creation" turns out to be a smoothy bowl.  Yes, that is a thing!  Instead of drinking your smoothy with a straw, you eat it with a spoon.  Who knew?

Fast & Easy Peachy Cream-y Breakfast Yogurt

Yield: 1 serving

1 (6 oz.) carton Greek-style vanilla yogurt (fat-free preferred)
1 peach, rinsed and diced (leave skin on)
1 Tbl. sliced almonds, toasted
1 Tbl. shredded coconut, toasted
1 Tbl. dried cranberries
2 tsp. hemp seeds (optional)

Empty carton of yogurt into cereal bowl.  Stir in diced peach.  Top with remaining ingredients and serve.


Melody Shingler said…
mmmmmmmmmmmmm! All that's missing from that being in my breakfast bowl would be a tablespoon of chia seeds! Such an awesome use for a peach, Dena.
Nichole L said…
I love the combination of ingredients!
Sarah@WellDined said…
Yum! Healthy and easy. I haven't used hemp seeds, but I do use chia a lot - good suggestion, Melody.
Camilla Mann said…
That look so delicious, Dena! Thanks for sharing.
Wendy Klik said…
What a perfect breakfast....easy, peasy and delicious.
Lesa said…
Simple and delicious! Nice!
cammie solis said…
Simple is what mornings around my house has to be. With our hurry and get out the door schedule it's really all we have time for. This is something I could do and we'd all leave the house satisfied. Thanks for giving me a new breakfast option to add to my lineup.
Teri said…
What a perfect, and tasty way to start the day! Great recipe!

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