Are you Ready for Some Retro, Part II -- Pineapple in Lime Jello Made in a Can

Have you ever looked at magazine ads from the 50s and 60s?  Jello was very cool back then.   Especially when served as a ring mold.  If something could be chopped and stuffed into a ring mold, jello was poured around it.  Check out a few ads from that era:

Nothing says California like prunes:

Nothing was safe from the indignity of the ring mold:

That's seafood in the center.  Because Jello dotted 
with curds of cottage cheese wasn't weird enough.

Lime Jello was like totally far out, man!

Actually, this one didn't look so bad.  It had everything I wanted in a retro dessert  -- fruit, lime jello and easy.  Especially the easy part.

The presentation of rings of pineapple encased in rings of gelatin was what got to me.  If you grace your table with the traditional log of jelled cranberry sauce straight out of the can, your family will go wild over this dessert.

Optionally top with whipped cream.  Or serve alongside a scoop of cottage cheese.  Totally retro, man!

Pineapple in Lime Jello Made in a Can

Yield: 7-8 servings, depending upon number of rings in can
Note:  Replace the Lime Jello with your favorite flavor of gelatin.  My preference is cherry.

1 (20 oz.) can of sliced pineapple packed in juice
1 (3 oz.) box of lime gelatin
1 cup boiling water

Open can of pineapple.  Carefully pour off liquid and discard (or save for a future recipe).   Set aside can top.

Pour Jello powder into 1 quart heat-safe mixing bowl. Stir in boiling water until jello is completely dissolved.

Pour hot gelatin mixture over pineapple rings up to the top (you might not need all of the mixture).  Use a chopstick or thin handle of a spatula to center pineapple rings in center of the can.

Almost perfectly centered

Chill until completely set (at least 4 hours to overnight).

Run hot water on can sides and bottom to loosen mold. Place reserved can top back on top; carefully flip can over onto a small serving platter.

Use can opener to cut bottom off; lift up and twist can slightly to be sure mold releases, then use a spatula to help turn can on its side.  Remove one can end, then use remaining end to help push mold out onto the serving tray.

Cut between pineapple slices and serve.


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