Lime & Coconut-Kissed Watermelon Bites - & Why Sixty Sounds Like Sexy

Today is my birthday! Today I turn 60! Hurts a bit, even though it's so much better than the alternative.

I thought turning 47 hurt. Back when I was a wee child in elementary school, the occasional teacher would have us write what we thought the (extremely far off in the distance) year 2000 would be like. No matter what scenarios each of our imaginations came up with, everyone agreed that we would be "soooo oooold!" Which came back to haunt me when that (extremely far off in the distance) year 2000 finally creeped around.

For my 50th, there was a bit more drama happening in my life. I broke my favorite knife (bought at a 69-cent store (the precursor to the dollar store ... inflation happens) while cutting my still too frozen ice cream birthday cake. And, oh yeah, I had finished up chemo for breast cancer about a month prior, rocking the barest amount of fuzz on my pretty little head (I'd post a photo but it might scare small children).

So what does this all have to do with today's recipe? Nothing whatsoever. Just wanted to share my birthday thoughts. You're welcome.

Summer is icumin in! And nothing says summer more than watermelon. My daughter's perfect wedding had the perfectest food (of course). Most of it was so gourmet I didn't even know their names. But not all of it. One of the appys passed around on silver trays by smiling servers was simple little squares of watermelon dipped in shredded coconut. But when served on silver platters, they became awesome fancy-schmancy gourmet treats!

Since the entire recipe was watermelon and shredded coconut, recreating the recipe was simple. But I thought it would be interesting to add another flavor: lime juice. Didn't even bother to add sugar.

Really, REALLY great!  It took maybe 5 minutes, tops, to bang out these babies.  Aside from the lime, the only other change was to cut the melon into diamond shapes, which took me an extra 15 minutes to get the shape right.  Not really necessary, but aren't they even much more cuter? 

To speed up the process, purchase a seedless watermelon (which does have seeds, but they are small and edible and won't grow a watermelon in your tummy when you swallow one ... unlike regular seeds). 

Lime & Coconut-Kissed Watermelon Bites
Yield: more than you'd think

1 large (around 2-3 lbs) cut of seedless watermelon
1 lime, juiced (about a tablespoon)
1/4 cup sweetened coconut

Cut off the watermelon rind and discard.  Cut watermelon flesh into 1/2 inch squares or diamonds (if you are fancy) or 1 inch squares (to serve family).  Pour lime or two in the ready.

Pat squares (or diamonds) dry with paper towels.  Dip each square into lime juice.  Allow excess to drip off, then roll in coconut.  Coconut won't stick well so gently press coconut to help adhere.  Place on plate and let sit for 15-30 minutes to allow excess moisture to drip onto plate and for loose coconut to escape.  Refrigerate if not serving after 30 minutes.

Use bamboo skewers to really jazz up the presentation.

When ready to serve, transfer to serving platter and serve with toothpicks.  And a smile.

In case you were wondering about the title:  seven weeks ago theHubby turned 60.  One of the cards I got him said on the cover, "The reason sixty sounds like sexy."  Inside said, "... because hearing is the first to go."  Ha Ha Ha!  Great fun!  Fast forward seven weeks to today.  One of the cards he got me said on the cover, "The reason sixty sounds like sexy." Inside said ... well, I'll let you guess.