Pasta Sauce, Revisited - Easy

This is a rerun, but with photos.  I made my easy pasta sauce last night. 

But youngerSon wanted his usual spinach sauce instead.  Luckily, his is so easy to make that it was no biggie to multitask. But then that seems to always be expected of mothers everywhere.  We are supposed to be able to put together a multi-course meal AND do the laundry while yelling upstairs to one of the kids looking for a matching sock in his room that the match is behind his desk.  But I digress ...

The recipe was modified a tiny bit. 

I speed-sauteed the garlic.  That is, if you call dropping minced garlic into hot oil and letting it sit there about 5 seconds "sauteing."

I dumped in a can of diced tomatoes with basil, garlic and oregano already in it rather than use the plain stuff.

I added extra basil, garlic and oregano anyway because I like basil, garlic and oregano.  

Then I just let the sauce boil and reduce it down.

Unlike the original recipe, I let the sauce reduce down almost to a lumpy paste.  If that's a little too thick for your preference, or you want to stretch the sauce just in case youngerSon finishes off the spinach sauce and starts eyeing this sauce instead, (TIP ALERT!):  when the pasta is done, scoop out the cooking water a tablespoon at a time and stir it into the sauce.  The water will thin the sauce out a bit, but the dissolved starch will help prevent it from becoming watery.


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