Matzoh Gone Mainstream

 Matzoh -- not just for Jews anymore.  Epicurious, a large and well-respective food site, held a  Passover matzoh taste test.   And the judges determined that several were edible! Yay!

I want to stop for a moment and comment on my enthusiasm.  Until the past couple of years, whole wheat Passover products had never graced the paper-lined seasonal shelves at the local Try-n-Save.  No amount of  fresh veggies, dried fruits or water could overcome the cardboard white-flour matzohs that were consumed during this 8-day week.  As a result, this holiday has been ...

... to put it delicately ...

... a bit binding. 

But this year, there are many whole-wheat-based items from which to choose:  matzoh, matzoh farfel, matzoh meal and matzoh cake meal as well ... even Shmura (hand-made) matzoh!  Woo-hoo!  Happy tummy!

Yes, I realize that the list sounds like the same thing over and over again which it is, but the slight differences become huge when making a recipe.  For example, matzoh meal is simply ground-up matzoh, and cake meal is just a finer, almost powdery grind.  But if you make rolls, don't serve me any made with the cake meal, thank you.

Despite epicurious's blind taste test, conducted by "experts", theHubby still prefers plain ol' Manischewitz.  I plan to sneak in a few boards of the whole-wheat persuasion into a few recipes.  Let's see if he notices the difference in my Cheese Kugel. ;-)


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