Peanut Butter Flaxseed Smoothie - Easy

Of the 4 different smoothies I demo'ed at a recent library superfoods event, this was the crowd favorite.   Yes, even when made with Swiss Chard!  And looking more like pea soup.   But after the first hesitant taste, attendees asked for seconds.  Then thirds ...

What makes this smoothie so superfoodie?  Pretty much everything except the ice:
  • bananas - high in potassium and tryptophan (an amino acid)
  • almond milk - made from (duh!) almonds, containing zillions (give or take) of vitamins, iron and folic acid.
  • Swiss chard - mucho vitamins A, C and K 
  • peanut butter - high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • ground flaxseed - high in fiber and magnesium.  But you need to eat much more than called for in most smoothies to get the bennies.
  • cinnamon - okay, the jury is still out on this one.  But it does make a smoothie tasty.
As for a photo to prove how wonderful this smoothie is ... I only managed to quickly snap the world's most awful photo:

 It ain't pretty, Matilda ... look quickly.

Trust me ... it tastes MUCH better than it looks.

In case you are wondering, the smoothie in the far left pitcher is Strawberry Chia.  Next to it is Spicy Tomato Cucumber, and to the right of that is Coconut Blueberry Chia.

Peanut Butter Flaxseed Smoothie
Adapted from bonappetit
Yield:  2 servings

1 banana, peeled and cut into 4-6 chunks
1 cup dairy or unsweetened almond milk
1 loosely packed cup torn Swiss chard (or kale), thick stems removed
2 Tbl. peanut butter (plain or smooth)
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
2 Tbl. ground flaxseed (plus more for garnish)
1/2 cup ice

Place all ingredients in a blender.  Process until smooth, about 30-60 seconds.

Divide evenly between 2 glasses.   Garnish with additional ground flaxseed, if desired, before serving.


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