Thanksgiving Recipes -- Recap

Ya gotta roll with it, baby!

A Faithful Reader suggested that I post a recap to end this series of Thanksgiving recipes.  Great idea! Thank you, Faithful Reader, who will remain nameless as upon usual request.  And, BTW ("By The Way," for intertube newbies) if any other reader ever has a suggestion, please feel free to let me know in the comments area (click on the microscopic "comments" link at the bottom of this and every post).  I'm a mom, not a mind-reader.  Except about your car keys.  They fell behind the desk again.  You're welcome.

The following list includes recipes I deem Thanksgiving-ish.  They are all merely suggestions.  We won't be having every single item listed at our Thanksgiving dinner.  There will be other sides not listed here, including plain sweet potatoes and canned jello cranberry sauce.  But we will be having many of them.  Just not all of them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving-Appropriate Oh!  You Cook! Recipes

Spring Vegetable Soup (not just for Springtime anymore)

Chicken Soup (with noodles or matzoh balls)

Roast Turkey

Cranberry Sauce

String Bean Almondine

Parve "Creamed" Spinach

Roasted Balsamic Veggies

Corn Pudding Casserole

Sweet Potato Mini-Muffins

Corn Bread

Challah Rolls

No-Egg Parve Pumpkin Pie

Pecan Pie

Tasty Parve Chocolate Cake

Rice Crispy Treats (not the first thing you think of for Thanksgiving, but they are easy and I like 'em)

 When is company going to get here already?  I'm starved!


Marcie said…
I need help with the Menu. I do a Thanksgiving Shabbos. This year the appetizers are traditional Shabbos fare - Baked gefilte Fish, choumous, roasted eggplant rounds in a sweet marinade with garlic slices, terra chip Salad, Chik soup w/ Matzo balls. TURKEY, sausage Stuffing. Now here is where I am stuck. I already made sweet potato muffins (thank you), I have green-beans, maybe sauteed with garlic. Do I need anything else i.e.side dish- Roasted potatoes? Apple pie ala-mode for dessert and some fruit..if it stops snowing long enough to get outside. Roads are treacherous. What say you?
dena said…
Tell you what ... how 'bout I come over, sample everything, then give suggestions? ;)
Seriously, you have more than enough to satisfy me (I don't even think there will be appys at my in-laws later), but if you are feeling guilty and you have the potatoes on hand, then roast 'em, otherwise forget about it. If anyone kvetches that there should have been more, sweetly hand them the car keys and tell them to go out in the snow and pick it up themselves. You do enough already.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Marcie said…
Thank you! I am thankful for your blog and personal communiques. Enjoy!
Melanie said…
What a fantastic compilation of Thanksgiving recipes...and let me tell you, those rolls in the intro picture look amazing!
dena said…
@Melanie -- thanks! I got the "secret" from a pizza dough recipe, of all places! I'll have to make another batch of rolls in the near future ... very easy to get them so smooth, easier to explain with photos.
Hannah said…
Wow, what beautifully shiny rolls- They practically glow!

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