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Chilean Sea Bass in Lemon, Wine & Butter Sauce - Easy

This past Tuesday morning, on a rare weekday off from work, I headed over to the local Try-n-Save.  The store's circular boasted a sale on mahi-mahi, and I was hoping that the kosher fish counter had it for at least close to the same price.  However, in the display, what should my eyes see but gorgeous cuts of Chilean Sea Bass!  On sale as well, so it was merely exorbitantly priced instead of the usual obscenely.

Chilean Sea Bass, so-named because no one wanted to buy it when it was called  Patagonian toothfish, is a mild, non-"fishy-tasting" high-fat fish that almost melts in your mouth.  Like buddah.

But unsure of how I wanted to cook it, I posted a few options to MySpaceFace friends.  This recipe won.  I'm glad, because it is mad-easy to throw together.  If you have a bottle of minced garlic, the most difficult part is trying to remember if your skillet can withstand the high cooking temperature.

I made a little mistake and used a little too much crushed red pepper…

Tortilla Cheese Pizzas - Shavout

The idea of a tortilla pizza didn't really interest me.  I like nice, thick crusts on my pizzas, thank you.  But then I noticed who created it:  Jacques Pepin.  THE Jacques Pepin!  One of my very first cook books was by Jacques Pepin.  So I couldn't let it go; I HAD to try this mega-thin pizza.

Even though the original recipe was created by a genius, he didn't bother to speak with my family first.  Neither of the guys likes pizza with recognizable tomato slices, or even a lot of sauce;  just enough to colorize the crust. You might want to up the sauce quantity.  I also cut back the size of the tortillas and, semi-proportionately, the mozzarella cheese, in order to make 4 human-sized entrees instead of appy's for many. 

If you can't crank up your oven to 500F, then set it to as high as you can and adjust baking time.  The cookie sheets need to be hot before the pizzas are placed on them to crisp the crust.

Tortilla Cheese Pizza
based on a recipe by Jacques Pepin
Makes …

Chicken Breasts in Tomato-Caper Sauce

If you look at the plate on the right, I took great pains to keep sauce off the rice on Younger Son's serving because he likes his rice plain.  No salt, no butter/margarine/flavor whatsoever. But tonight, when he took seconds of both the chicken AND rice, he ladled sauce all over the rice.  The sauce is THAT good (she said modestly)!

Speaking of rice, start up the chicken as soon as you start the water for the rice.  Both should be done at about the same time.

It's important to pound the breasts flat.  It breaks up the fibers and makes them very tender.  If you have never tried this before, do it now.  I'll wait.  It really makes a difference.  TIP ALERT! If you don't have a mallet, use the back of a small saucepan.  Let out your aggressions!  Pretend you're a 2 year old!  Woo-hoo!

The chickens that gave their lives for dinner must have been, um, how shall I say, well-endowed.  Despite the pounding, they remained quite plump.  Cooked up tender and moist anyway.  A…

Non-Blintz Blintz Souffle - Shavout

Today I present my famous Blintz Souffle.  Unlike most other blintz souffle recipes, this one doesn't use actual blintzes.  Don't get me wrong.  I grew up on the purchased stuff and happen to really like the blueberry kind.  But this recipe is easier than using store-bought (because in the standard recipe you still have to whip up the egg mixture anyway) and WAY easier than making blintzes from scratch.

By the way, I saw on TV once, maybe it was Unwrapped on the Food Network, how frozen blintzes are made, and they are labor-intensive.  Ladies on the line hand-wrap the blintzes around the filling, because it seems that a machine can't do it properly.  But I digress ...

So you are probably asking why is "blintz" even in the title when there aren't any real blintzes in the souffle.  Because it has all the ingredients in a bona fide blintz.  And the cutaway of the souffle sort of resembles the layers of a blintz when cut in half.   So there.

Less eggs are used t…