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Udon Noodles with Sweet Ginger Scallion Sauce - Easy

In a continuation of yesterday's post, here is the noodle recipe I promised.  This one is a slight adaption of a recipe from Simply Reem, to use ingredients I had on hand.

Udon are flat wheat noodles, about the width of linguini pasta and shorter in length.   It cooks up quicker (in about 5 minutes) and softer than linguini, so be careful not to overcook.

If you are the kind who thinks mild taco sauce burns your throat, then literally use only 2 drops Sriracha for the entire recipe (for flavor), otherwise use up to as much as 1/2 teaspoon.   I used 4 drops, but youngerSon mixed in at least an entire teaspoon to each of his servings.  He would have had a third helping, but I needed something to cart to work the next day.

Enjoy.  I'm heading out to see Le Miz.

Udon Noodles with Sweet Ginger Scallion Sauce - Easy
Adapted from Simply Reem
Serves 4-6 as a side

1 (12.8 oz.) pkg. udon noodles
3 or 4 scallions, finely chopped (about 1/2 cup)
2 Tbl. minced fresh ginger (or 2 tsp. dried g…

Mahogany Chicken - Easy

It is traditional in Jewish households to celebrate December 25 with Chinese food, followed by a movie. Or the other way around.  In an attempt to perpetuate this stereotype, the theme for this month's Kosher Connection is Chinese food.  As part of the rules, we can repost a previously posted recipe, so I'm recycling the basting sauce used for Mahogany Wings and slathering it on other chicken parts as well.

Unless you have a silicone baking mat, line your baking pan with foil.  Use foil, even if you have a non-stick pan, because the sauce has a tendency to chemically bond with your pan.

Chinese Hoisin sauce is a condiment whose ingredients vary wildly across manufacturers. Since the brand I use proclaims as part of its name to be vegetarian, I hate to assume what might be in other brand who don't sport a kosher hechsher (certification).

The noodles alongside the chicken are Udon Noodles with Sweet Ginger Scallion Sauce.  

See you at thegoogolplex Tuesday.

Mahogany Chicken…