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Thanksgiving Stuffing with Chestnuts - Kosher Connection Linkup

I like thanksgiving alot! All I have to do is make the stuffing and pecan pie, then creep 3 hours along the Garden State Parkway (where on almost any other day of the year except erev Rosh Hashanah the trip is only 1 hour) to my ILs, who provide the turkey and everything else. So I get away relatively easy.

And by “everything else” I mean approximately 150 different fixin’s, give or take a gross. Most years have included various varieties of asparagus, string beans, sweet AND white potatoes, corn, spinach, broccoli, carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts and/or squash.

Also brisket (in case there wasn’t enough turkey) and chicken (someone may stop by).

Back to the stuffing. This stuff is best, IMHO, when baked separately from the bird. There are some people who insist that unless it’s stuffed up the turkey’s … cavity, it should more correctly be called “dressing.” Hey, Some People! When you are in the process of making a phone call, why don’t you say “I’m touching” instead of “I…