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Shavout: Baked Tilapia with "Crab Meat" Stuffing

YoungerSon:  What are you making?

Me:  Tilapia.  With pretend crab meat stuffing.

YS:  Uh-huh ... can I have the crab meat in a hot dog bun?

Me:  No, because I already stuffed the tilapia.  And this recipe is different.  Plus I don't have any buns.

Later, after the fish is consumed:

Hubby:  Keeper! (as in "hey, this is better than I had feared.")

YS: Is there any left? (as in "can I have more?  Because this is better than I had feared.")

The clipping I have of the original recipe conveniently doesn't have the name of the magazine from whence it was clipped, so I headed to the intertubes to find the original source.  After a couple of minutes there I was, looking at the EXACT recipe, word-for-word ... except that the person who posted it had listed it under her OWN name, without crediting the magazine from whence it came!  How rude and plagiaristic!

So I crawled back into the web, did a little more surfing and rediscovered the real original over at Family C…

Red Lentil & Spinach Soup - Easy

Tonight is the reheated roast beef that I had thoughtfully frozen to use in the future.  And today is the future.  OK, entree done!   Barely broke a sweat!

Since today's entree consisted of 1) yank bag from freezer, 2) dump in casserole, then 3) nuke, I had plenty o'time to make a more complex, yet easy and very healthy item to accompany it.

Except I didn't have time to go food shopping yet this week, and had very little of healthy goodness left in the fridge .  And every recipe I wanted to make went along the lines of, "hmm ... looks good, oops, no gots any (fill in critical ingredient here)", then repeat a bunch of times.

But then, score!  A soup recipe where all the ingredients (or acceptable subs) are in stock (get the pun?  Soup? Stock?  ... :P)

The original recipe was found over at Good Housekeeping a while back.  I made only a few minor tweaks, such as using a can of chicken broth instead of the more veggie-friendly vegetable broth  I normally used.  The…

Happy Mother's Day!

I was looking forward to making a blintz casserole.  For dinner.  It would have been lunch, but we went up (and by "up" I mean we hopped on Routes 18 then 9, followed by the Garden State Parkway for a leisurely 60 mile trip) to visit hubby's parents for Mother's Day and for lunch.  It gave MIL an excuse to break in the new BBQ grill.  Very nice grill by the way!  

Good thing we went up for lunch.  On our way back down the GSP, we passed about a million-mile backup going in the opposite direction.  If instead we had gone up for dinner at our usual time, we'd be having dinner at 10pm.  I haven't seen traffic like that since Thanksgiving.

Anyway, since we had meat for lunch, I was looking forward to making a blintz casserole.  For dinner.  Except I made the mistake of telling hubby that I was looking forward to making a blintz casserole.  For dinner.

"For dinner?" he repeated.

"For dinner," I answered.

"I really don't like blintzes,"…