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Celebrate National Doughnut Day!

Today is National Doughnut Day!  Whether you spell it doughnut or donut, I spell it delicious!

This isn't a brand-new U.S. holiday.  It was created way back in 1938 to honor the Salvation Army women who served doughnuts to U.S. soldiers during World War I.  Except back then the women were called doughnut girls or lassies.  We've come a long way, baby!

The original recipe for the doughboy doughnuts uses a tub o'lard.  Très treif, but the Salvation Army isn't exactly a resource for kosher food.  BTW, the definitive origin for "doughboy" is unknown, but according to that well-respected source for history,  Wikipedia, the term was first used during the Mexican-American War back in the 1840s.

But I digress ...

I only have one relevant post on my blog, for Baked Caramel Apple Donuts.  But just to please you, Dear Reader, at great effort and expensive here are a few other recipe links from around the intartubes:

Smitten Kitchen has a cider donut recipe that includ…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Disclaimer:  Reading the following will cause you to gain 5 pounds and ruin any diet.

You have been warned.

Have you ever happend upon a recipe that stops you in your tracks?  That looks so delicious you think the world will end unless you  make it right away?  That's exactly how I felt merely by this truffle's name,  mentioned in a Facebook friends post.  I begged for the link (politely asked, really, but it's more dramatic this way), brought it up on-screen, then started pulling out ingredients from the fridge and pantry.

O. M. G!!!!! This, Dear Reader, is The World's Best Truffle!  More like cookie dough ice cream bon-bons, but not as cold.   It is essentially the ingredients for a chocolate chip cookie,but without the baking and without the eggs.   Go ahead!  Lick the bowl!  No chance of salmonella with these babies!

The original recipe says the yield is 3-4 dozen.  I made the truffles just shy of 1 inch, because they can get relatively large after the chocolate di…