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Blackberry Salad - Easy

Teensy-tiny little blackberries (or black raspberries) are ripening fast and furious on the bushes in my front yard.  But because they are so teensy-tiny, it has taken 2 days of dodging razor-sharp thorns to pick a whopping 6 ounces so far.  Have you ever attempted to pick blackberries (or raspberries)?  Hybridized berry bushes have been bred to the point of practically thornless.  But wild bushes, like the ones I have courtesy of some anonymous bird, not only have thorns that could slice a car in half, even the leaves could make a cactus cry uncle.  But it is totally worth the risk because the flavor is sweeter than any domesticated variety.

Tip alert!  To extend the life of these delicate delights, place about a cup of blackberries, black raspberries, red raspberries, or even blueberries in a bowl.  Pour in a mixture of 2 cups of cold tap water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar.  Let sit a minute or so, then drain well.  Gently blot remaining moisture with paper towels, then place in a …

Challah Bread Pudding

Welcome to the latest installment of the Secret Recipe Club where once a month each member makes a recipe from a blog assigned to him/her.  My assignment this month is Enriching Your Kid!, brought to you by Shirley.  Shirley is a SAHM who specializes in healthy recipes that kids will actually eat, which can be quite a challenge at times.   I really liked quite a lot of them (the recipes, not the kids.  Not that I don't like kids, don't get me wrong, I was one once ... I even have a few of my own.  But I digress ...).

A whole wheat challah was residing in my bread drawer, so when I saw Shirley's bread pudding recipe post, where she mentioned how she made her bread pudding with whole wheat bread, I knew I had found a winner.

I posted a bread pudding with challah a short few months ago, but there is no rule against selecting a  similar recipe for the SRC.  Shirley's recipe is a little faster to the table since it is baked, rather than slow-cooked.  Plus it added a touch …