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Food Blogger Music

Jazz up your sukkah!

A Dear Reader forwarded this to me, mostly for its name.   Food Blogger Music, an instrumental jazz piece by Dead Cat Bounce (a stock market term unrelated to felines).  If you like jazz, you'll love it!

Nacho Run-of-the-Mill Buffalo Nachos

I like your normal run-of-the-mill nachos.   Nothing exciting or special, just shredded cheddar on top of taco chips.  When I have a burst of energy, I also toss on diced onion and salsa.  That's pretty much it.

Then I stumbled over this recipe.  This one calls for blue cheese, celery AND chicken.  But taking into account all the strong flavors here, I figured I could drop the chicken and still have a successful snack.  Also ditched the celery because it only belongs in chicken soup and tuna salad ... period.  

I was especially looking forward to the blue cheese.  I really like blue cheese.  Cheddar, even extra sharp cheddar, doesn't have much of a bite unless you combine it with onion.  Or salsa.  Blue (or, to its friends: Bleu) bites back all by itself.  Plus it was joined with scallions, which really kicks it up a quarter notch.

It was pretty darn  good.  Something different to serve in yoursukkah. Or with a side of beer at your next football watching party.   

I was only tes…

Relevant Honeymoon Photos

Last month we finally managed to marry theDaughter off!  Those who know us know what was a long strange trip that was.  It could have filled an entire reality show.  But since we're not the Kardashians, you will have to settle for checking out her blog for details.   The fact that she dedicated a post to me is purely coincidental to my mentioning it.  Purely ... 

Anyway, since this is a foodie blog, here are my favorite food photos stolen borrowed that honeymoon post.  To get the full effect plus commentary, you'll have to visit her site.  She writes much more better than I do.  Also takes better photos than I do, even with a cell phone.

 Not so angry birds carved from carrots and coconut.

 Watermelon flower.

You still here?  Okay, I'll entertain you with few more sentences, then go already!

You are probably asking yourself, what about wedding photos?  Unfortunately there were no pockets in my gown to stash a camera, so I couldn't take any photos of The Big Event.  An…