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Cheddar-carrot tea sandwiches with pesto

I was perusing the intertubes one day and came upon a cheddar and pesto sandwich, which looked quite tasty.  Not sure why I added carrot, except that a bag o'shredded carrot was "aging" in front of the cheddar.  But it still needed something added because it was a bit dry.  

Mayo!  Eureka!  Now I had an alternative for the veggies attending the shower picnic.  You know, the picnic I have only mentioned once ... in every post ... for at least a week.  Anyway, one of the picnic invitees needed an egg-free alternative.  No biggie -- for her I replaced the mayo with some of the hummus I conveniently had on hand for the crudite dip.

This sandwich was a hit, even for the meat-eaters!  Only 3 of the massive quantities (12) of petite triangles were left by dessert time.

Like several other picnic items, I used a ready-made product to speed up assembly, and this recipe is no exception -- purchased pesto.   Whether your pesto is homemade or pre-made, this sandwich is a keeper.


Curried Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

A few posts ago, I mentioned attending afternoon tea with theDaughter and her bridesmaids as part of her wedding shower weekend.  Among the way-too-many-items for us to devour nibble daintily was a curried chicken salad, served on a microscopic raisin bread round.  Topped with a few drops of fruit preserves and a nut half, it was as cute as a button ... and almost as miniscule.

It looked like a pretty easy-ish thing to recreate at home.  So I did.  I think.  Here's the Real Thing, centered between the egg salad and the lox, excuse me, smoked salmon:

... and here's my clone:

If you squint, the resemblance is frightening.

I finely diced the chicken because it was easier for me ... and because I don't have a working fleishig (meat) food processor.  But to really duplicate the original, shred or process the cooked chicken.  It'll taste the same, but look and mouth-feel fancier-schmancier.

Since it is, after all, curried chicken salad, I logically figured that curry would b…

Fruit Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing - Easy

Fruit salad is very easy to make ... especially if you have someone else make it.  But to really make it easy, especially if you don't have any spare friends of the bride to delegate to, just omit the cantaloupe that you bought because only 3 fruits didn't seem like enough at the time while you were at the local try-n-save stocking up on picnic produce but after assembling the salad it looked like you would have plenty enough to serve everyone who showed up at the local park the same time you did instead of just the 8 people invited, so you left said cantaloupe in the very lovely sterling fruit basket given as a wedding gift earlier by said spare friend.

Strawberries are rather perishable, so this is not a recipe that can be made too far in advance.  Make this salad the same day you plan to serve it.

To be honest, I prefer grapes with seeds.  I think the flavor gene is attached to the seed gene.  When seeds were bred out, the flavor went with it.  But the idea of standing th…