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Parve Black Raspberry Ricotta Cheesecake

I was at my local Try-n-Save the other day, doing my weekly torture of how little I can buy yet still blow an entire paycheck.  I had wanted to make cheesecake for the Crazy Cooking Challenge, so I sauntered over to the dairy section to pick up ricotta for an Italian style cheesecake.  In a futile effort  to find one with zero calories, I noticed a new brand.  Upon looking harder I saw that Tofutti now has a parve version of ricotta.  "Wow!  Taste me!" it exclaims on the label.  Wow! Who could ignore such a raving review?  I took a chance and took a container home (after purchasing it, of course).

Tofutti "cream cheese" and "sour cream" are essentially smooth wallpaper paste but with less flavor. But when mixed with other ingredients, they both make decent non-dairy alternatives.   At first glance the ricotta style resembled its plastic cousins.  With great hesitation I pulled out a spoon and took a tiny taste.

Ya know, it wasn't bad!  The slight g…