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Helen's Delicious Pesach - Gluten-Free Cookbook Review

Until recently, there was this myth that a Passover recipe must either be bland  ("everything with flavor is forbidden") or the cardboard taste of matzoh is prevalent.  Neither are true in the slightest.   Such as the flavorful dishes Helen Goldrein provides in her Book Delicious Pesach (available now as an eBook).

Helen from family-friends-food provides many recipes that prove Passover recipes do not require  matzoh to be called a Passover recipe.  Her recipes are also 100% gluten-free.   If you have invited a guest with celiac disease who demurred due to the prevalence of gluten cooties in the usual Passover dishes, go ahead ... reinvite 'em.  They will certainly not starve at your Seder.  And neither will anyone else!