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Roasted Herbed Baby Eggplants - Easy

I've been attempting to improve my photo-taking ability so I started to study food photographer blogs.  I noticed that many of their best work, at least the stuff I can imitate, seem to involve a window.  How's this one?   Not quite food porn, but I'm getting close.  Maybe food-PG.

Speaking of close, the pros also do very close close-ups.  How do you like dem apples ... I mean eggplants?  Ooh!  Ahh! 

These are baby eggplants.  And, no, I didn't grill these babies ... those are not even grill marks.    I learned how to do this from A Veggie Venture.  It's a very simple recipe ... eggplants, a few herbs, garlic and a touch of oil.  Plus  a (very) little amount of knife-wielding.  Those non-grill marks really look fancy-schmancy, don't they? Don't be intimidated ... it's really easy!  And I didn't even cut myself for a change.

If you plan to serve this as a main course (or to make them more substantial), feel free to optionally top with grated cheese…