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Happy secular new year! 

To celebrate 2011, I baked up some financiers.

"Wait ... what?" you ask.  Yes, it is traditional to make something that represents prosperity (and health and happiness--2 out of 3 here, but I digress ...), but how did you conjure up a person who handles large sums of money?  Especially in your sized kitchen?

No, Silly-Billy!  A financier is a small French tea cake, traditionally made with almond flour.  According to that well-respected source of culinary knowledge, Wikipedia, the financier of the cake persuasion probably earned the name from its traditional rectangular shape, similar to a gold bar.  Gold = wealth = wealth handler = financier.

I didn't happen to have tiny rectangular molds sitting around, but I do have tiny round muffin molds handy.  And by an amazing coincidence, many financier recipes found on the intertubes conveniently use tiny round muffin molds.

The recipe from which I base my version is from Paula Shoyer's The Kosher …

Extremely Fast Chicken Soup - Easy

This soup is for those times when the cook (and by cook I mean me) is sick with a cold.  And said cook has to either drag herself off her deathbed to make dinner and doesn’t have the energy for concocting anything more than soup, or spouse and/or kids are attempting dinner and you aren’t in the mood to have them sticking their heads into the bedroom every 5 minutes in a panic, crying “I can’t tell if this is a medium or large carrot” or “we don’t have the egg noodles we usually use, can taco shells sub?”

Okay, I was exaggerating a bit.  I really do have a cold.  I'm not, however, on my deathbed.  But if I were (or you are), this soup can be easily made by panicked family members.

The quantities of the veggies and herbs aren’t critical – this ain’t a cake we’re making here ... everyone take a breath! This soup will be quite excellent, because someone else made it for a change with love.

Tomorrow when you are feeling better, you can load up the dishwasher with the dishes left in…