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Apple Slices and Honey - Easy

Yes, Dear Reader, I know it's a bit early for a traditional Rosh Hashanah treat.  But when theDaughter, who can't eat despite anti-nausea meds up the kazoo days after a chemo round, finally announces she wants apples and honey, you jump and go get some.

So I jump into my sandals and go semi-briskly walk (you try running while wearing flip-flops) over to the local version of Try-n-Save for a couple of little green apples.

There are only two, two, two ingredients in this basic recipe.  1. Apple, and 2. Honey.  Feel free to dress it up more grown-up-ish:  mix into the honey a 1/4 teaspoon ginger and/or cinnamon and/or 1/8 tsp. cloves.

Apples Slices and Honey
serves 1

2 Tbl.  honey (or more to taste)
One apple, your choice of variety

Plop honey into center of dinner-sized plate (to better catch drips).  Alternatively, plop honey into a small bowl or shallow cup and place in center of dinner-sized plate (to better catch drips).  Set aside.

Core apple.  If desired, peel apple.   Slic…