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Comfort Food Recap

I've been on the west coast this past week, with another 1/2 week to go.  TheDaughter, who I've mentioned a few times, had yet another surgery, this time (as she puts it) for a boobectomy. I've been hleping out with the cooking, cleaning and laundry-ing.

Especially the cleaning, as in up after their semi-new less-than-housebroken puppy.  Long story about that, which you can read on theDaughter's own blog.

So with the exception of chocolate cake, which was written a few week's ago but with the magic of pre-scheduling posted just yesterday, nothing new has been created or adapted.  Just reruns of comfort food.  But isn't that how we all cook in real life?   I bet you have at least 5 "go-to" recipes, and not a week goes by without making one of them (challah and roasted chicken don't count).

After a mastectomy, the ligaments between the muscles in former-boob and arm temporarily tighten up a bit, making certain arm movements painful.  Those movement…

Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake - Crazy Cooking Challenge

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "C", as in Crazy Cooking Challenge.

Also as in Chocolate Cake.  All us crazy cooking members were required to find a chocolate cake recipe from someone else's blog, then make and post about it.   Chocolate is my weakness, especially when it is in cake form (and in any other form, but I digress) so choosing just one from so many delicious-looking recipes on the intertubes was especially difficult.  I think I gained weight just reading them.

A long-time friend recently gave me her fancy bundt pan.  Never having baked a cake in a bundt-type cake pan before, I wanted to find something to fill it with.  So I made the executive decision to find a bundt-specific recipe  I have no idea if any ol' cake batter can bake up fine and dandy in a bundt pan, but at least it helped to whittle down the long list of finalists.

I finally zeroed in on this recipe from Tracy at Shutterbean.   Anyone who starts a recipe with, "Everyda…