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How to Boil Water

In case you think I'm the only one who publishes excruciatingly details cooking instructions, check out this Serious Eats article on How to Boil Water.

Kosher Beef

Oh vey!  There's a "feud" between two Jewish rappers!  Read this CNN article about Drake and Matisyahu.

Lower-Fat Chocolate Panna Cotta - Easy

It appears lately that lots of bloggers (and by "lots" I mean "several") have been posting panna cotta recipes.

According to that famous expert on Italian food, Wikipedia, panna cotta ("cooked cream") is a dessert originally from Piemonte, a northern region in Italy.  Made with cream, half-and-half, milk or any combination thereof, it is a custard thickened with gelatin instead of eggs.  My recipe uses a combination of evaporated full-fat and fat-free milks, so its consistency is similar to a chocolate jello.  It also reminds me of what, as I recall, Junket tasted like during my unkosher youth. 

I hope you are still with me here, since panna cotta is easy enough to make for everyday, yet elegant enough for company.   By the way, if you are going to make it as a company dessert, substitute some or all of the evaporated milk with half-and-half and/or heavy cream.  Then let them all kvetch about the calories.  

One of the disadvantages of this dessert is…

Happy Blogeversary -- to me!

Exactly one year ago I started this blog. I want to thank all you Dear Readers for following my rants humble posts.

From my first unauspicious post  to this, my 206th, I like to think that my writing, photography and (oh, yeah) recipes have greatly improved during this one short year.

To celebrate, I'm going to give YOU the present: a respite from my blog. In no particular order, here are a baker's dozen of some of the food blogs and sites I lurk at follow, with a recipe link to each.

1. Kosher in the Kitch
A hostess with the mostess (I made that up myself ;-) ) Try her Spinach Mushroom Lasagna Rollups.

2. Kosher Recipe Blog
No photos in her posts, but the recipes say a thousand words.  Try her Chicken Mushroom Pie  (and try to ignore the traif ads).

3. Not Derby Pie
Despite the strange name, all the recipes are kosher, and most are vegetarian. Try her version of The Easiest Cake Ever, a no-mixer cake with fruit in or on or underneath.

Her recipes…