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Salami Antipasto Cups - Easy

One of my favorite co-workers chose to defect … I mean leave for a better job elsewhere. While other places of biz might bring in a cake or cookies during a quick afternoon break, our unofficial slogan is “any excuse for a party.” So after work, around 15 of us piled into our favorite party manse … I mean one of our personal homes, for a pot-luck blowout to send him off with fond memories.

My contribution was a platter of Salami Antipasto Cups. Wide, paper-thin slices of salami, baked into little flower-like “cups,” then stuffed with bits of lettuce, olives, tomatoes and other yummies, finished off with a drizzle of balsamic. Looks major-league impressive, but mad easy to whip up in advance so you can labor on something more important, like dessert.

I found the base recipe while researching for last season’s Oscar Appys workshop.   It was voted winner of the “most likely NOT to be a leftover” category. Or would have been, if I had thought of it in time (note to self – include…