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Caramelized Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Sun-dried Tomatoes

So I'm leafing through the print version of Hadassah Magazine when I happen upon a Brussels sprouts recipe that stops me cold.  Literally.

Cold. Raw. Brussels sprouts.

Jazzed up and served as a salad, but raw.

Raw?  Aren't Brussels sprouts disgusting enough cooked?

But the ingredients, plus most of the directions, had the potential for major improvement.   I knew I was on to something after tinkering with both ... something that even haters will enjoy.

BBQ (or Broiled) Pomegranate Beef

Like the taste of pomegranate, but hate messing with all those seeds?  Then get ready to be wowed:  tender cubes of beef, drizzled with a honey-kissed pomegranate sauce ... with nary an aril in sight!