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Cucumber Salad with Peanut-Lime Vinaigrette - Easy

While there are plenty of salad recipes out there with complicated dressings,  many times simple is simply the best.  Case in point:  this quick, easy parve, vegan and gluten-free Thai restaurant-style salad I found at Vegetarian Times

Gee ... could I have crowded in any more adjectives?  So many adjectives you could plotz!

I changed the few ingredients a tad  Much of the oil was replaced with water.  Instead of standard cucumbers which come with a wax coating, English cucumbers come hermetically sealed in plastic wrap,  so removal of wax or skin is unnecessary.  To make this salad more like those served at Thai restaurants, I topped it with fine carrot shreds. 

By the way, it only a couple extra minutes to shred a carrot, but leave out the carrot if you are having a bad day and the thought of yet another step between you and dinner leaves you in tears.   Despite what Christopher Kimball said, cooking can be easy.  Especially with a non-cooking recipe such as this.

To make up to a …