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Osem Product Reviews

Happy happy joy joy!  A lovely package of Passover products from Osem was delivered for me to try out and review.  Osem is an Israeli food company that is very huge in Israel.  But here, only a few products are carried by my local markets, and until recently the only products I regularly purchased had been their veggie soup mixes.

Cranberry Apple Casserole - Secret Recipe Club

I had mentioned in an earlier post how the OhYouCook homestead was a bit crowded this past month,  especially a couple weekends ago, with Sergeant olderSon home on leave,  theDaughter, along with herHubby, in for a few days and  youngerSon on a well-timed college spring break. Even one of theDaugher's HS friend stayed with us.

Grandma, grandpa and aunt joined us to hear Sergeant olderSon speak to our synagogue's congregants and entire religious school about the IDF (Israeli army) special forces basic training, including the famous 50km march to Masada.  He didn't go into any great detail of course, due to  possible security issues and, more importantly, grandma in attendance, but he did have the students' full and rapt attention.

Afterwards, the students asked questions that only kids could ask, such as "how many times did you throw up during the march?"  Others in attendance asked questions as well, including his former teachers.

At this point I have to st…