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Homemade English Muffins - Secret Recipe Club

Welcome to another recipe from the files of someone else ... courtesy of the Secret Recipe Club, where members are assigned to make a recipe from the blog of another SRC member.  My assigned blogger this month is Becca, who hosts Lovely in Pink.  Becca shared that she lost 50 pounds last year (!) with help from Weight Watchers.   Isn't that fantastic?

This month kind of got away from me.  I thought I was being my usual *cough* organized *cough* self by sifting through Becca's recipes just as soon as I received my assignment, selecting a couple that looked intriguing and possibly Memorial Day barbecue-friendly.   Then only a couple week's ago  middleChild confirmed a short leave from the Israeli army to fly out to attend his cousin's wedding a week ago.  Combine all that with my daughter and her hubby arriving from California and youngerSon moving back home from college all within a few days, my brains were firmly distracted.  I managed to forget about the SRC.  Luckil…