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Bistro Chicken - Secret Recipe Club

Welcome to this month's Secret Recipe Club post, where members make a recipe from an assigned blog, then write a post about it.  For this month's Club I had the pleasure of being assigned Flying on Jess Fuel.

Jess is the wife of a navy pilot, hence the cool blog title.  Jess has many awesome recipes!  Usually I take a quick glance at my assigned blog, carefully bookmark a few potentials, then forget to look at the carefully bookmarked potentials until panic time, a week before Reveal Day (ignore September's post ... that was very not usual). But this simple yet delicious recipe literally stopped me in my tracks.  I  simply had to make it that very night! 

The sauce is exquisite!  Even after theHubby and I enjoyed  bistro chicken twice in one week (and a couple of work lunches), there was still enough sauce left over to freeze for a future meal.  I'm thinking next time the chicken will be replaced with chopped eggplant for a substantial meatless meal.

I prefer black o…