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Five Baskin-Robbins Flavors Retire

According to an article at CNN, Baskin-Robbins is retiring 5 of its flavors, including French Vanilla.

French Vanilla???

I can understand and of the other 4, such as Caramel Praline Cheesecake (which adds 5 pounds to my hips just typing its name), but French Vanilla?  It was one of the original flavors back when the company was founded, 65 years ago.

Maybe it's a victim of mandatory retirement.

Or, perhaps, it's being replaced by Freedom Vanilla (sorry ...)

Check the link above for the other flavors and more useless information.  If any are your favorites, in two weeks they will become "were" your favorites.

Oh Poi!

There was this cookbook on a library shelf ...

It was talking to me ...

Every time I walked by  ...

Pick me up ... READ ME!

EVERY time I walked by ... and it seemed like several million times a day ...

Pick me up ... READ ME!

Tried to ignore the pleadings, but today it finally got to me ... I caved in and opened it ...

It's a Hawaiian luau cookbook!*  Hawaiian? you ask.  Yes, I reply.  But isn't it all roast pig and poi?   Well, some of it is all pig and poi.  I skipped the pig chapters.  And am in the process of scanning the fine print in order to find something to sub for the poi.  By the way, I heard it's called poi because that's the first thing you say when you eat some: "Poi, that's awful!"  Sorry ... but I digress ...

I prefer recipes that do not require substituting 28 of the ingredients to suit my little ol' kosher kitchen.  I dislike having to streamline instructions so dinner can be served before midnight (The Fourth Meal is NOT served her…

About yesterday's post -- Oopsie!

Re: Wednesday's post about Spaghetti and Meatballs:  needs a slight correction. 

Mix together the first EIGHT ingredients, then continue with the recipe.  I made the correction.

Sorry ... my bad.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Due to bad planning, lunch today consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  On a whole wheat hot dog roll.  So by the time I got home from work, I was too starving to care about taking photos of the cooking process.  So please cut me a little slack.  I 'preciate it.

Normally I add a little fresh chopped basil to the mixture.  But I ran out of the froz'ed stuff, and it was raining WAY too hard to go outside to pick some fresh.   The meatballs were very good anyway, so I changed the recipe to make basil optional.

I also usually add dried bread crumbs.  But in my starving state I forgot completely about it ... and didn't miss it.  So it's left out completely here.  But if it's against your religion to omit it, toss in about 1/2 cup of dried crumbs of your choice:  plain, flavored or panko.

You can use 1 whole egg instead of the egg whites, but I like reducing the fat and cholesterol where it won't affect the outcome.

Don't get all snobby with me about …

Hi Again!

The blog formerly known As Kosher Kuisine is now open for business as the bright and shiny Oh! You Cook!  After a lot of hard work and sweat, all my recipes have been transferred over.  Actually, there wasn't much work.  Or any sweat involved.  But it did take me over A WHOLE HALF HOUR to configure this page to look almost like the last one.  I did break a nail, but that was my own fault because as I reached for the door to take the dog out for a walk I missed and hit the wall instead. But I digress ...

Anyway, whether you are a current subscriber to Kosher Kuisine or a new visitor to Oh! You Cook!, please take a moment to subscribe at my new location so you won't miss out on any of my ramblings recipes. Woo-hoo! I can hardly wait to post my next recipe!