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Malaysian-Style Fish Stew over Rice - Easy

Hi ... miss me?  Sorry, 'bout that.  After Thanksgiving weekend, I spent the better part of the next several weeks making candy for theHubby to give out as holiday gifts and didn't have the time to upload any recipes, let alone my usual snarky witty comments.  I'll post it all probably in early February in plenty time for Purim shalach manot basket-giving in March.  If you also keep Valentine's Day, allow me this teaser:   homemade sweets for your sweet are better than any store-bought hermetically-sealed candy made who-knows-how-many-months-ago. 

Tonight I made what started out as Thai Fish Curry from Eat This.  (Oy!  From talking about candy to fish!   But I digress ...)  Except that I didn't have Thai curry paste.  Adding corn didn't interest me at the moment, but I did have a  carrot and small amounts of peas and broccoli that needed using up.  So dinner evolved into almost a Malaysian dish.

YoungerSon decided he didn't care for the stew.  He picked ou…