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Butternut Squash-Sweet Potato Soup

Remember the leftover squash from my Butternut Squash with Mango soup?  Last night I was in the mood for more of the same, but inconveniently didn't have a mango handy.  But I did have a pile of sweet potatoes taking up valuable space in my fridge.  And I do like sweet potato soup.  So I thought instead of attempting a closer recreation the sweet potato soup from Tierra Sur restaurant at Hertzog Winery a month-ish ago.

Like Tierra Sur,  the sweet potato matchsticks were cooked only a few minutes to retain their shape, then have then sit atop the other garnishes.  Unlike Tierra Sur,I didn't think to cook the matchsticks separately from the soup, then add lateras garnish.  They migrated to the bottom of the bowls to keep the raisins company (by the way, why is it okay to "plate" dinner but not "bowl" soup?  On second thought, that might be a bit messy ... but I digress.)

I added cinnamon along with the cumin and coriander to bring it closer to the restaur…

London Broil with Balsamic Mustard Sauce - Easy

It's that time again, Dear Reader, when I introduce to you another recipe, brought to you courtesy of the Secret Recipe Club.  In case you missed last time, this where  I make a recipe from a blog assigned to me by the SRC, while a another SRC member selects one of mine.  Today is reveal day!  Woo-hoo!  Check out other members of the SRC found below today's post.

This month's chosen fellow blogger is Lindsay from Eat, Knit, Grow(can a female be a "fellow?" I thought "fellows" were guys, like in for he's a jolly good fellow.  But I digress ...).  Lindsay takes great photos of her creations.  I bet all her recipes are delicious as well.  Many of her recipes are either kosher-friendly or easily adaptable so I had many from which to choose.  

Lindsay's original recipe is for Bison Flank Steak.  While bison is a kosher animal, I had a beef London broil conveniently defrosting in the fridge so I went with that.  For the same reason, I also swapped the r…